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    Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe

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    By: Emerica

    • Low-profile skateboard shoe featuring protective rubber toe bumper provides and lace-up closure
    • Full-length midsole for cushioning
    • Vulcanized construction for durability
    • Flat triangle tread bottom for grip

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    Product Description

    An updated version of one of #Emerica’s #classic after-skate chillers, the Wino. The Wino Cruiser stays true to the original design, but with a new restructured narrow, low profile design, a new rubber toe bumper and a new flat Triangle Tread bottom. A true Cruiser.


    • Built upon one of Emerica’s classic after-skate chillers, the Wino, The Wino Cruiser stays true to the original design, but modernizes it with some essential upgrades, taking the classic shape and building upon it.
    • Most Wino Cruisers are canvas, but depending on the specific shoe, each model and colorway could be slightly different for its material. With touches of #suede, mesh, and some #leather mixed in, each Wino Cruiser has its own style, so you can personally choose which is right for your taste.
    • Triangle Tread Sole For Extra Grip & Support: The Wino Cruiser comes equipped with a customized sole, featuring Emerica’s trademarked Triangle TreadTM. Triangle Tread holds the best of both worlds, allowing for great grip mixed with durability and protection.
    • The Wino Cruiser is a low-profile skate shoe with a protective rubber toe. This provides toe protection. The #lace up feature allows you to decide on how snug of a fit you want to roll with. This is not designed to be a high performance skate shoe , its focus is on cruising and will not withstand the traditional abuse over everyday performance skateboarding. Please reference the Reynolds Low Vulc Skate Shoe if that is the main goal of the shoe.
    • The full length mid-sole provides support throughout the entire shoe, rather than just focusing on parts of your foot bottom. Why cover only pieces of your foot when you can accommodate the whole thing? Known as Vulc Construction, The Wino Cruiser’s sole is equipped with this vulc system, which allows for extra grip and durability. Great board feel allows you to have more control over your board when you’re rolling on and off the board.

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