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    History of Boots and Women

    #Women have already been wearing boots for many generations as far back as the #Native Americans and possibly further. The Indian women made sturdy moccasins away from tanned #leather from the animal skins that the men hunted for food. The moccasins consisted of soft leather stitched together from sinew. Your message moccasin comes from the first Algonquian Indians who had been the very first Native Indians encountered by the European settlers in the united states.

    All Indian tribes wore moccasins plus the styles varied with each tribe. Many tribes used the rawhide when it comes to soles for the footwear and used rabbit fur or sheepskin for extra warmth. Some Native American women wore the boot type moccasins for warmth and rugged traveling conditions. They decorated them beautifully with quills, beads and paintings. If the moccasin boots were short or tall, the women designed them for comfort, terrain and beauty.

    Indian tribes continue to create and wear the moccasin boots which have crossed over cultural lines in to the fashion industry. Native American boots remain popular today because they withstand much wear and tear, as well as look appealing to several modern day women. There are various Native American craftsman who result in the #classic moccasin boots for women that range in most shapes and designs. You are able to often find the handcrafted Native American footwear at craft or art shows. Brand name shoe manufacturers make the very popular mukluks along with other types of boots for women. Hollywood actresses display their affection associated with the popular, tall boot moccasin and every other boot style. Pictures among these “booted” actresses flood the media.

    Boots are a raving hit with women from ages past even today. The reason i really like boots are many. I like the looks, leather and warmth of some of the #winter styles. Boots are great for rainy or snowy weather and thus many styles exist today, it really is hard not to ever find some form of cute boot.

    History of Boots and Women
    Moccasin Boot

    History of Boots and Women
    Indian Woman Pow Wow Dance

    History of Boots and Women

    History of Boots and Women

    History of Boots and Women
    Tall Fringe Boot

    Eskimo Mukluk Boots

    Eskimo Indians designed the heavy-duty mukluk boots from reindeer, seal skin hide and fur. Some sub-arctic Indian tribes adopted the mukluk boots through trade and altered the materials, using buckskin and caribou. Mukluks are extremely trendy today additionally the choices of style and color are numerous. A good, quality mukluk is a superb #winter boot that keeps the feet warm and dry. Companies like Ugg and #Minnetonka have a corner from the boot market because of the excellent quality regarding the women’s footwear. You are able to surf through Ebay and discover so many bids on name brand women’s boots, it is amazing.

    Women’s Mukluk Boots

    History of Boots and Women
    Eskimo Women in Mukluk Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Animal Fur Eskimo Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Ugg Boots

    Puritan and Victorian Woman’s Boots

    Victorian women associated with the early American days wore different styles of footwear and lace-up boots were one of these #simple styles. Heels on women’s boots became a lot more popular following the 1780’s. Stiletto, Italian and wedge heels could possibly be seen regarding the pointed-toe boots, but eventually the toes became more rounded.

    By 1870 most women wore boots such as the Cromwell Puritan boot, which was popular before the early American 1900s. Ankle high boots with buckles, clasps and laced boots were common and #suede became a favorite boot material. High, six inch heels dominated for a time and then the Cuban heel appeared in 1904, with heels heading down to around 2 1/2 inches by 1910.

    Naked feet were considered taboo, generally there were not many “seductive” shoes during this period period. After World War II, women began to have more bold and embraced the most popular t-#strap shoe and boots took a back seat for a while.

    Early American Women’s Boots

    History of Boots and Women
    Victorian Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, 1867 Reformer
    History of Boots and Women
    Colonial Women’s Boot
    History of Boots and Women
    Early American Stiletto Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Woman’s Shoe Boot
    History of Boots and Women
    Fashion Shoe Boots

    Hippie and Stylin 70s Boots

    In the long run, the women’s boot found its long ago to popularity and the 1960-1970 period birthed the most popular hippie boots along with go-go boots. Wedge heels, flat and high stiletto were all fashionable with women, but doctors warned for the spinal dangers from wearing such high heels. By the mid 70’s, heels went back down and chunk boots, granny boots, #combat boots, biker boots and #cowboy boots begun to take front and center.

    Ankle length boots most of the solution to the thigh strike the fashion stores and women yet again, embraced change. You could see women every style of boot when you walked down the Beverly Hills Boulevard and main streets of America. Boots were a woman’s passion just as the passion she had for the a huge selection of handbags available on the market. I don’t think it has changed, nor does it ever change. Many women love boots.

    A Cowgirl’s Gotta Have Boots!

    History of Boots and Women
    The Versatile Cowboy Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    History of Boots and Women
    White Cowgirl Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Women’s Red Cowboy Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Girl’s Pink Cowboy Boots

    Boots Everywhere!

    The boots are everywhere and certainly will continually be, I suspect. You’ll find almost any variety of boot when you look at the shoe store and in case you can’t find what you would like, you will definitely most likely find that boot on the net. Women have an easy method to getting what they want in fashion and in case it does not exist? Never underestimate her for she will invent it! Here are a few “rad” 70s boots.

    The Versatile Boot Woman

    History of Boots and Women
    Women’s Go-Go Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Women’s Combat Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Women’s Granny Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Women’s Knee High Boots

    Women Who Love Biker Boots

    Whether she rides a motorcycle or not, the biker woman really needs her boots. The Harley women who drives or rides, chooses a heavy duty boot for protection. There are many and more women driving motorcycles today aided by the cost of gas and simply the reality that many women like a bike. Some women the same as them for looks while the selection of biker boots for her to choose from are many.

    The Women’s Biker Boot

    History of Boots and Women
    Biker Boot and Jeans Look
    History of Boots and Women

    History of Boots and Women
    Women’s Motorcycle Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Selection of Women’s Biker Boots

    All Forms Of Boots

    Women’s boots are here to remain as well as for every occasion, there is a boot for you. Everyone loves boots and will probably be buried in a pair of my boots, lol. Here are a few more women’s boots for you yourself to view from the vast styles and types of boots. I don’t like to think of winter, but i will be thankful to have some warm stylin, winter boots to wear as it pertains around. Spring, summer, fall and winter, women still wear their boots.

    More Women’s Boots

    History of Boots and Women
    Fashionable Women’s Ankle Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Southwestern Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Yellow Fashion Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Pink Rain and Garden Boots
    History of Boots and Women
    Ugg Snow Boots

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